Inmunonutrición Molecular Group

Director Prof: José Moisés Laparra Llopis.



immunonutritional-based precision intervention strategies to selectively modulate innate immune responses preventing/treating the risk for severity of diseases affecting the gut-liver axis.

Understanding of how tolerance and immunity regulate antitumoral responses, among other, this project aims at elucidating innate cell biology as a path forward to develop durable, long-lasting immune responses.

To define the extent to which immunonutritional-based modulation can be translated into physiological benefits within the neuro-immunometabolic axis.

The research group has contributed to establish physiologically-based new tools to model human diseases. Additionally, there were provided significant patents and contributions demonstrating the potential selective modulation of innate immunity’s amplitude of signaling within the neuro-immunometabolic axis.


Mario Fernández de frutos

candidato a doctoral

Laura Judith Marcos Zambrano

Adriana quijada Freire

candidata doctoral




  • Gomez De Cedrón M, Laparra JM, et al. Nutritional supplement enhancing immune system as a potential adjuvant in the therapy of patients suffering from cancer or immune disorders: a randomized trial. Am J Clin Nutr 2018
  • Laparra JM, Haros M. Inclusion of Whole Flour from Latin-American Crops into Bread Formulations as Substitute of Wheat Delays Glucose Release and Uptake. Plant Foods Hum Nutr. 2018, 73(1):13-17
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  • Laparra JM, Haros M. Inclusion of ancient Latin-American crops in bread formulation improves intestinal iron absorption and modulates inflammatory markers. Food Funct. 2016, 7(2):1096-102
  • TESIS: Inmunonutrición de precisión para el control de la progresión del Carcinoma Hepático (en curso)
  • Mejora de formulaciones alimentarias con función preventivo/terapéutica de la disfunción cognitiva en enfermedades de base inmunometabólica (en curso)



  • Molecular immunonutrition of the metabolic dysfunction and antitumoral response (RYC-2015-18083)
  • Development of novel ingredients from Quinoa and Chia for food formulation: Evaluation of Nutritional and health features (AGL2016-75687-C2-1-R)
  • Consortium for the study of acute renal dysfunction: physiopathology, novel therapies, biomarkers and experimental models (B2017/BMD-3686)